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O Submarino

Galician oysters in red escabèche

Galician oysters in red escabèche

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This canned variant is also attractive to those who have not yet been brave enough to enjoy a fresh oyster.

The fresh oysters from Galicia are carefully hand-opened, sorted and marinated in a typical white wine vinaigrette with peppers, onions and albariño vinegar.

The closed tin is cooked at 115 degrees Celsius, which allows the oysters to retain their delicate and distinctive taste while absorbing the vinaigrette.

Treat yourself to the fine flavor combination of puckered oysters, farmed on an oyster bed in the Ría de Arousa, in a red pickled sauce. Each oyster is hand selected and prepared for marinade to guarantee a limited production of quality preserves.

Enjoy 6-8 pieces in each can, which is gluten free and rich in omega-3 fatty acids, minerals and zinc.

It's the easiest and most convenient way to enjoy this wonderful seafood without the risk of poisoning from eating raw oysters.

If you're looking for an easy way to enjoy the intense flavor of oysters, then these Galician oysters are for you.

Just open the can and enjoy this delicious delicacy without the risk of a bad oyster.

Allergene und Zutaten


Net Weight: 266g
Drained weight: 160 g

Nutritional information per 100g

⁕ Calories: 724.7 kj / 173.2 kcal
⁕ Fat: 9.1 g
⁕ Of which saturated fat: 1.8 g
⁕ Carbohydrates: 3.1 g
⁕ Of which sugar: 0.7 g
⁕ Egg white: 19.6 g
⁕ Salt: 1.2 g


O Submarino Gourmet is a Spanish company specializing in high quality delicatessen products. They use only the best ingredients from the sea and land and process them using artisanal methods and traditional recipes. The staff have years of experience and passion for haute cuisine, resulting in a product of the finest quality and taste. O Submarino preserves are exclusive and incomparable, since they are made with the best seafood from the Galician estuaries and a traditional preparation.

Manufacturer: O Submarino Alta Conserva, SL, Plaza de San José, 6, 36830 A Lama, PONTEVEDRA, Spain


Even the ancient Romans valued sardines and ate them salted, marinated or smoked. To this day, the sardine is and will remain a high-quality product if the quality and production methods are right.

Thanks to their short lifespan, they have absorbed very few pollutants from the sea and have a high proportion of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements. 100g of sardines (about 8 fish) contain 40% of the recommended daily dose of calcium and 100% of the vitamin D necessary to absorb the trace elements. In order for the human body to be able to absorb all of these valuable nutrients, it is essential that the sardine is preserved in high-quality olive oil, because only this oil allows the human body to break it down and metabolize it.

For the sake of enjoyment, however, you should definitely not do without the many other great creations from the incomparably rich range of flavors of canned sardines: sardines in a fruity sauce, in white wine, in butter, with water and lemon... try it out!

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