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Perle des Dieux

Vintage sardines 2019 in olive oil (Lulu)

Vintage sardines 2019 in olive oil (Lulu)

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Sardines Millésimées 2019 in a very limited series

These vintage sardines (millésimées) are fished off the coast of Saint Gilles Croix de Vie, a small commune south-west of Nantes that still lives mainly from fishing.

This tin was designed by illustrator Coralie Joulin .

More about vintage sardines

  • Net Weight: 115g
  • Drained weight: 86.3 g
  • Shelf life : approx. 10 years, see label on the can

Allergene und Zutaten


Nutritional information per 100g:

Calories: 657 kj/ 156 kcal
Fat: 5.6g
of which saturated fatty acids: 1.6 g
Carbohydrates: <0.5g
of which sugar: <0.5 g
Protein: 25.8 g
Salt: 0.8g


La Perle des Dieux was founded in 2005 in Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie, a once renowned fishing port in Brittany. The two founders are Philippe Gendreau, whose family has been in the sardine business for four generations, and Claudie Vardelle, a passionate foodie and former manager of a Parisian fashion store.

The love for sardines is the engine behind la Perle des Dieux, which is why all products are carefully made by hand and only freshly caught sardines are processed. Only vintage sardines are produced, which get better and better over time, and the design of each edition comes from selected young artists. This reflects the feminine side of sardine production - because women have always worked in the factories.

All products are handcrafted from carefully selected ingredients and prepared according to old original recipes and impress with their good taste.

Manufacturer: Conserverie La Perle des Dieux, ZI de La Bégaudière, 49 Rue des Couvreurs, 85800 Saint Gilles Croix de Vie, France


Even the ancient Romans valued sardines and ate them salted, marinated or smoked. To this day, the sardine is and will remain a high-quality product if the quality and production methods are right.

Thanks to their short lifespan, they have absorbed very few pollutants from the sea and have a high proportion of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements. 100g of sardines (about 8 fish) contain 40% of the recommended daily dose of calcium and 100% of the vitamin D necessary to absorb the trace elements. In order for the human body to be able to absorb all of these valuable nutrients, it is essential that the sardine is preserved in high-quality olive oil, because only this oil allows the human body to break it down and metabolize it.

For the sake of enjoyment, however, you should definitely not do without the many other great creations from the incomparably rich range of flavors of canned sardines: sardines in a fruity sauce, in white wine, in butter, with water and lemon... try it out!

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