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La Pointe de Penmarc'h

Vintage sardine 2022 Bruno Blouch

Vintage sardine 2022 Bruno Blouch

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These sardines were made the old-fashioned way during the 2022 fishing season and canned in Douarnenez. They are only now on the market, already slightly candied and definitely a treat for all fans of high-quality canned fish!

If you can control yourself, you are welcome to store the sardines for a few more years. Like good wine, vintage sardines mature over the years and become even more tender and fine.

Only available in limited quantities!

This beautiful tin is the result of a collaboration with the Breton artist Bruno Blouch.

The painter Bruno Blouch, born in Brest in 1957, regattas on the Breton coast in his youth. For about thirty years he has been working passionately on a personal work dedicated to the sea and ships.

Although his painting is figurative, it does not represent objects in their appearance. Reality is altered to balance and harmonize shapes and colors.

Bruno Blouch patiently composes his paintings through a series of sketches. In this approach, the lines take precedence over the meaning. Buoys, beacons, hulls and sails offer their curves. The shrouds, masts and funnels of the ships determine the straight lines.

His personal style, characterized by close framing and bright colors, is emphasized by the work's elongation on the frame.

A regular visitor to major seafaring gatherings, he exhibits his oil paintings throughout Brittany: La Baule, Pont-Aven, Quimper, Brest Saint-Malo...

Calligrapher and illustrator (event posters, tins of sardines, postal envelopes...). Bruno Blouch also enjoys transforming simple rudders, propellers, fairway buoys or boats into works of art.

Allergene und Zutaten


Net Weight: 115g
Nutritional information per 100g

⁕ Calories: 852 kj / 204 kcal
⁕ Fat: 12 g
⁕ Of which saturated fat: 2.9 g
⁕ Carbohydrates: 0 g
⁕ Of which sugar: 0 g
⁕ Egg white: 24 g
⁕ Salt: 1 g
⁕ Omega 3: 2g
⁕ Calcium: 430mg


La Pointe de Penmarc'h was founded in 1920 in Le Guilvinec, a Bigouden fishing port on the western tip of Brittany. At that time, the fleet consisted of more than a hundred fishing boats, which brought their rich catch to the fish auction hall in the harbor every day.
Just a few steps away, the fish – sardines, albacore tuna and mackerel – were canned at the Conserverie as soon as the boats arrived.

Today Pointe de Penmarc'h continues this tradition of high quality canning. The Conserverie sees itself as an ambassador for the products of the terroir and has made it its highest goal to always offer top products with the authentic taste of the region, for which it cooperates with the traditional fishermen.

At the very end of Brittany is the beautiful bay of Douarnenez with its fishing port, which has always been known for sardine fishing. Nearby is the fish cannery, which has been offering a wide variety of canned fish since the 1920s.
If the boats used to be operated with sails, today they are modern boats that nevertheless continue to practice selective and respectful fishing.

Manufacturer's address: La Pointe de Penmarc'h, 15 Boulevard de la France Libre, F-
29177 Douarnenez, France


Even the ancient Romans valued sardines and ate them salted, marinated or smoked. To this day, the sardine is and will remain a high-quality product if the quality and production methods are right.

Thanks to their short lifespan, they have absorbed very few pollutants from the sea and have a high proportion of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements. 100g of sardines (about 8 fish) contain 40% of the recommended daily dose of calcium and 100% of the vitamin D necessary to absorb the trace elements. In order for the human body to be able to absorb all of these valuable nutrients, it is essential that the sardine is preserved in high-quality olive oil, because only this oil allows the human body to break it down and metabolize it.

For the sake of enjoyment, however, you should definitely not do without the many other great creations from the incomparably rich range of flavors of canned sardines: sardines in a fruity sauce, in white wine, in butter, with water and lemon... try it out!

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