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Pheasant pie with raisins

Pheasant pie with raisins

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The pheasant terrine with raisins is made from wild game, in this case pheasants that live in the wild in the forest.
This tender and wonderfully aromatic pie is prepared using a traditional recipe, in which the intense aroma of pheasant is beautifully complemented by the sweet note of raisins.

The pheasant terrine with raisins is an all-rounder and is suitable as a starter with a salad, as an aperitif on toast or for a sandwich in between.

This product is free from coloring and preservatives and should therefore be consumed fresh. Store in a cool place after opening the jar and consume within 72 hours.

Zutaten und Allergene

Ingredients : Lean pork, pork fat, pheasant meat (25%), poultry liver, Jurançon wine, water, egg , raisins (4%), salt, pepper.


Nutritional values ​​per 100g:

Energy in kJ: 1119
Energy in kcal: 283
Fat (g): 22
of which saturated fatty acids (g): 9
Carbohydrates (g): 1
of which sugar (g): 1
Protein (g): 16
Salt (g): 2


Orocbat produces the finest Basque products that taste like the land they come from: the Soule (or Zuberoa or Xiberoa; Xiberua), nestled on the edge of the Pyrenees. This region has always been the land of shepherds, characterized by a culture where conviviality and authenticity are key.
These values ​​are also the guiding stars of Oroc Bat - since the company was founded more than 50 years ago, until today.

Orocbat combines cultural gastronomic heritage with cutting-edge know-how. The brand stands for traditional recipes made from local ingredients, which - creatively adapted to modern standards and the highest demands of today's gourmets - are known and loved beyond the borders of the region and the country.
These traditional recipes are simple and rustic - we are in the land of the shepherds - but no less original and refined and above all always full of bright colors and flavors!

The range includes a wide range of Basque delicacies and cooked Basque dishes such as Basque spicy pie, Piment d'Espelette Basque pie, Basque porcini pie, Farmer's pork pie, duck rillettes, veal and pork axoa (Basque meat stir-fry), Basque chicken, Basque piperade...

The mission and vision of Orocbat:
The company processes only regional products of the highest quality. Farm pigs and fat ducks from the south-west and veal from Aquitaine. All products are 100% Made in France and are prepared “just like at home”: with patience and care, with the utmost respect for the raw materials and their flavors, always looking for the perfect balance.

Since it was founded more than 50 years ago, Orocbat has been characterized by the will to constantly innovate: With the help of the latest digital technology and traditional know-how, a motivated team is constantly improving processes, developing new products and adapting old recipes in order to meet or even meet consumer expectations to surpass. In order to ensure short distances and maximum freshness, the artisan canning factory is located in the middle of the rural area, as close as possible to the supplying farms. In this way, Orocbat contributes to the development of the local economy and offers many people in the region a future. This role aligns with the company's sustainable development strategy.

Manufacturer's address: OROCBAT, 7, chemin Lapagesse 64130 VIODOS, France

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